Top 5 Things To Do In Mykonos

Because of some of its most stunning islands, Greece is one of those destinations you will always want to visit. When someone says the Greek Islands, all you can picture are the turquoise waters, the white houses with blue roofs, and bougainvillea flowers. Of them is Mykonos. Mykonos, which bears the name of Apollo’s grandson, was created when Hercules vanquished the giants and turned them into rocks. According to Greek mythology, that is the story of Mykonos.

The island of the winds is located in the Cyclades. And if you are a first time visitor in Mykonos you need a guide on what to do in Mykonos.

The top 5 things to do in Mykonos are listed below.

1. Visit The Town 

The red-domed churches and blue doors and windows lead you to a walkway maze from which you never seem to be able to leave. Exploring those streets is one of the best things to experience in Mykonos.

The old town is called Chora, and although it is small, the streets are quite similar. Everyone refers to them as a labyrinth.

2. Escape The Crowd

Book a tour with the New Catamaran Cruise and escape to a place that may appear lonely, but is surrounded by turquoise crystal clear waters. This cruise will take you to Rhenia, an uninhabited island with ancient Greek ruins. Swim, explore the island, and let your body soak up the sun rays.

3. Photograph Panagia Paraportiani

This is undoubtedly one of the most photographed churches in Greece. It consists of five churches built on top of each other and is located in the Kastro neighborhood. Its name means “lady of the side gate,” as the entrance was located at the Kastro area’s side gate.

4. Discover Mykonos’ Instagrammable Little Venice.

What exactly do I mean when I say “little Venice” in Mykonos? Little Venice is a row of fishing houses with balconies overlooking the water. These were once the homes of merchants but have been transformed into cafes and restaurants. You can get a coffee and watch the sunset from here.

5. Enjoy the night life of Mykonos

One of the best places to go for a wild and lively nightlife is Mykonos. The nightlife on this island is among the best in all of Greece. Numerous bars and clubs are well-known for their ambience and their music. There are numerous locations where celebrations last all day and all night. Especially along the island’s southern coast. Keep in mind that some locations could require reservations in July and August due to the high demand for entry into some of the clubs.

 Bonus Tip

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 Mykonos is well-known for its luxurious lifestyle. But there is something for everyone; even those who are not interested in luxury will find something to do

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