11 Awesome Tips To Survive Long-Haul Flights

Most of the time, you want to travel but what annoys you the most is long haul flights. It’s pretty difficult surviving flights longer than 6 hours. For instance, the flight from Houston to Bali is around 24 to 30 hours, depending on the airline. 

But don’t worry, we have got some amazing tips for you. With these, long haul flights will no longer be a nightmare. 

  • 1. Take your sleeping aid.

  • If you want to sleep on a flight, best of luck. Everyone has a go-to strategy for sleeping onboard, whether using travel pillows, eye masks, or noise-canceling headsets. Check out what works for you and pack accordingly. My go to sleeping aid is Unisom..

  • 2. Download your favorite movies or games.

  • Have your favorite movies or games at stand-by as systems for in-flight entertainment are not always reliable. You’ll later thank me if you have some in reserve. I know you’ve heard of Netflix and chill, but baby have you Netflix and flown. Lol. Corny, I know, but it works. If you don’t have the app, I really recommend you purchase it. Download a few series, and/or movies to get you through your flight. 

    If you are traveling with kids, don’t forget their tablet or handheld game. Trust me on this. You want to keep them occupied.

  • 3. Take your snacks with you.

  • Being well nourished is one of the greatest parts of long haul trips. If you're the type who craves salt, come prepared with your own munchies and a few cocktails to calm your nerves.

  • 4. Dress right.

  • You're not there to impress anyone, so keep your attire casual and at ease. Remember to pack layers in case it gets chilly; a cardigan or sweatshirt is usually a smart idea to carry.

  • 5. Purchase in-flight wifi.

  • Purchase in-flight wifi; thus, the long boring flight gets easier and entertaining for you. Watch your favorite tv-shows, surf social media or have a chit-chat with your best friend. Iphone users can imessage too.

  • 6. Bring sets of clothes.

  • Don't forget to bring a set of changing clothes in your carry on so you can freshen up at your layover. Flying for 20 hours or more, you may want to take a bird bath. Wash the important parts if you know what I mean. Some larger international airports have rooms and showers you can rent.

  • 7. Enjoy your layover.

  • If your flight has a really long layover, do not sit and get bored. Instead, take advantage of it by going out and exploring the city. For example, from Houston to Greece, there is a stop in London with a layover of 12 hours. So, why not use this time? 

  • 8. Book a comfortable seat.

  • Pay extra bucks to get a premium seat. Consider the extra legroom! If it is not affordable, try to find an aisle seat so you may frequently stand and stretch. 

  • 9. Don’t overdo the suitcase bag.

  • A long-haul journey will require more of you than a short-haul flight would, but it's not a smart idea to overpack the suitcase bag.  Keep your necessities in your personal bag to make things easier to access. 

  • 10. Avoid eating large meals.

  • Avoid eating large meals right before or during your journey. They are more difficult for your body to digest and might make you restless. Let’s be honest, know one wants to poop on the plane.

  • 11. Meet new people

  • Long flights are a great opportunity to meet people. Engaging in conversation with your seatmate is one of the most entertaining ways to get through a long-haul flight. 

    Pro Tip: I always bring a travel kit to brush my teeth and wash my face for long flights. So, I would suggest the same to you. 

    The next time you are dreaming of your next vacation, don’t allow a lengthy travel time to discourage you. I hope these tips will help you prepare better.