24 Hours In London

There is no way to see and experience everything in London in a single day because it is such a large metropolis. Everything is doable if you have a 24-hour stopover in London, with the obvious exception of exploring the entire city. However, you still have these 24 hours to take advantage of the city's attractions.

Here is a list of things to do in London for a day.

Wander at Westminster

Rise and shine sunshine. The city you've seen on the big screen so many times while watching Sherlock Holmes is waiting for you. Head to Westminster Abbey after grabbing breakfast at one of London's coffee shops or the Crystal Moon Lounge near Westminster. Remember to have a cup of tea, as the British do. Take in the sights of Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster. 

Don't forget to photograph the Westminster Bridge over the Thames. Explore history and admire the iconic landmarks because this is the city of numerous historical events.

The Buckingham Palace

When you arrive in London, you begin to consider where to go next, and we recommend that you do not miss Buckingham Palace and the Mall. The changing of the guards is one of the highlights of visiting Buckingham Palace, and it happens around 10:45, so don't miss it. If you are late because you wandered and got lost at Westminster, don't worry because you can still see the famous royal guards.

After seeing the Palace, you're probably wondering where to go or what to do next. If you head east, you'll see the famous Lancaster House and, a little further on, the oldest building in the UK, St. James Palace.

Where should you go for lunch if you're hungry?

Bon Gusto, an Italian restaurant with delicious pasta, pizza, and risotto, is one of the best.

Watch a show in the West End

Well, you want to enjoy the night in this town as well, so we recommend you walk over to Leicester Square. You will find so many good restaurants and pubs in this area,, and you can see a show at one of the theaters.

If you are a person who enjoys nightlife, then I recommend you go to Covent Garden and Soho, where you can try the local beers and English pubs.

After spending a day in London, keep in mind that this city deserves more time. There are numerous sights to see that you will be amazed to find out. London has some of the most historical significance, thus it deserves to be explored in its own time.

Enjoy your 24-hour stay in London until we meet again.