5 Travel Tips For Planning Your Dubai Vacay

Like most Americans, we are scrambling for new destinations to visit. Our United States passport is no longer the Roll Royce of passports, if you know what I mean. Since travel has picked back up for some. You may be tired of the Caribbean and looking for another destination to tickle your fancy. Well Dubai is welcoming us with open arms. Here’s a variety of tips, to assist you with your planning process.


The summer in Dubai is no joke. If you can help it avoid traveling during that time at all cost. Dubai is located in the desert and the summer heat can be quite unbearable. High season is November through March, the weather is best then. If you are a shopper, I highly recommend visiting during the month of January. Just in time to catch the Dubai Shopping Festival, a shopper’s paradise.

Location, Location, Location. There’s no need for a car when you are within walking distance to major landmarks, shopping centers and restaurants. Granted premium locations will cost more, but everything is literally at your feet. Consider the Dubai Marina, Jumeriah Beach and Palm Jumeriah to name a few places.


There’s so much to do a see. I recommend staying a minimum of 6 nights. Don’t try and cram all of your tours in such a short period of time. This can be pretty taxing on your body. Make sure you include a day to visit Abu Dhabi.


Dubai is an international city. There’s a variety food options for every traveler, from Mediterranean, Italian, Caribbean, Asian and American delicacies to name a few. Trust me there’s something for you to eat and this is coming from someone who an extremely picky eater. Most restaurants are open late too.


Split stays are very common for travelers trying to make the most out of their trip. Consider adding another destination to your trip. Many travelers visit the Maldives, Thailand or Mauritas.