No More Parties

Is your kid's or partner’s birthday right around the corner? Or even yours? Last year’s grand birthday party was totally dope and it’s impossible to top that. Let’s be real, you throw parties most years, and you’re looking for something new. 

So, why not take a birthday trip this time? You can plan a birthday adventure to any exotic location like the Maldives, or Dubai or even take a cross-country road trip. Make your birthday even more memorable with an exciting birthday adventure. I’m not saying birthday parties are a bad idea, but with a birthday trip, you get more family bonding time. 

For a birthday party, you have to pick a venue, book caterers, and order the cake, and the decorations! Good decorations can cost thousands! Let’s be honest. We always want to one up the next person, when it comes to the decorations. You spend more time with strangers than your kids or spouse. But, on a family trip, you can take the time to relax with your family, and make long-lasting memories. You can save yourself from the stress of the planning process and hire a travel professional. 

While a birthday party brings people together - say your friends and relatives -, with a vacation you can spend more time having fun and cozying with your immediate family. You’re arranging a big function for them, and while they love it, they want to spend more time with you. Rather than a room full of distant cousins and acquaintances.

And, the expense. Yikes! Let’s be honest, in any fabulous birthday party, you pay hundreds of bucks for the venue, the caterers, the decorations, and the cake, especially the cake. It’s a lot. Depending on the destination, a birthday trip may cost you less. 

Well, the opposite is true too. Pricey attractions and trendy resorts can bleed you drier than any birthday party, so be careful when planning a family vacay. Not to scare you, but keep your budget in mind. 

Moreover, for your travel trip, you’ll have to check your destination’s travel policies. COVID did a number on the travel industry. So now you may need a vaccination certificate, etc. before you enter some countries. You don’t see us following some serious restrictions, for a birthday party.  

On the flip side, a family trip will leave you more fulfilled, and happy. Who doesn’t like seeing new places and experiencing new things, with your family at your side? I sure do. A birthday trip is a fun bonding time where it’s just you, your family, and the beautiful place.