Picture Perfect? Maybe Not!

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of resorts offering free photo shoots. I have indulged in photo shoots on vacation and I have realized that they are beginning to come with a steep price. If you spend less than $500 on photos you are doing good.

It’s almost like a set up, a “tourist trap” we want you to take pictures here at our resort, we will give you great quality pictures, but it will cost you!

How is the resort double benefitting? They have already benefited from your paid stay , factor in the cost of the pictures, then they will also capitalize off of free advertising when you show off the pictures.

Free pictures would accomplish the same thing , maybe(well edit the fact that the tourist would save money). The resort would still reap benefits of free advertising. Happier customers, I mean who doesn’t like FREE, or at least reasonable prices.

I for one, would love to save money on pictures, the ever rising cost is making me not want to use the resort photographer to capture those moments anymore. Vacationing is for relaxing, making memories, yes we should indulge, but we shouldn’t ever be taken advantage of.