Top 5 Family Tours To Spice Up Your Family Vacations

Family trips help you build fond memories and long-lasting bonds. But finding destinations and activities that everyone will love is quite challenging.

This article presents five such day trips. Toddlers or teenagers – these have something for everyone!

Xenses Park: Don’t Think, Just Swing

Xenses is (literally) like nothing you’ve ever experienced. This small Mexican park in Riviera Maya is filled with illusions and kinda weird but fun activities that challenge your senses. A treat for all ages.

You’ll hike downhill, feeling like a giant and dwarf. Doesn't that make sense? Exactly! Won't spoil anything more, but you must visit the place. All activities and sights will be covered within 3 - 4 hours.


Kualoa Ranch: The Jurassic Valley

A family-friendly day trip in Hawaii! 

Many great movies have featured this ranch, including Jurassic Park. Thus, the top-seller is the 2.5-hour rugged rainforest ride across multiple film sites and dino cages. Make sure to purchase tickets well in advance.

Jurassic adventure allows children of three. All activities have different age limits. You can subscribe to horse riding, zip lining, and ATV or island tours.

Los Cabos Clear Boat: The Panoramic Charm 

We’re in Mexico again. It’s Cabo, home to world-class pristine beaches perched along crystal waters and limestone cliffs. Cruising in a transparent boat is the best way to explore its richness. 

The Instagrammable golden Arch above and exotic marine animals surrounding tropical reefs will wrestle for your fixed eyes. Tours last for an hour with tons of memories and snaps. Some also offer a professional photo shoot add-on.

Dune Buggy Tour: The Dominican Countryside

If you seek to look deeper into Dominican culture and the countryside, book a half-day dune buggy tour.

It takes off from the operator’s base near Punta Cuna. You drive down off-the-beaten paths along banana plantations, local markets, and Kunuku cottages before finishing at Macao Beach. A maximum of four people can pack together.

Combine the authentic Caribbean feel of cocoa, cigar, and chocolate with a sea, sun, and sand holiday.

Atlantis Submarine Tour: Aruba’s Underwater Voyage

Barcadera Reef is the prime diving site in Aruba. You can spot seahorses and eels tucked beside dense coral fields. 

Scuba diving is not everyone’s cup of tea. But why do only adult swimmers get to admire the underwater world?

You better board a US Coast Guard-certified Atlantis Submarine. It'll take you 40 meters below the Caribbean Sea, providing an up-close look at the island's marine life and shipwrecks.