Traveling During The Pandemic

Buckle Up Buttercup:

Before you book that ticket, make sure you check the country’s entry requirements. Find the latest travel and health restrictions.

Some destinations require Covid testing, before you can enter the country. Covid PCR testing rates can range from $125 - $300. If you have medical insurance the testing fee is waived at most places. There are also places throughout the United States that offer free Covid testing. Find a testing center.

Mask Up

  • mask with ventilators are no longer acceptable when flying. When flying I prefer to use an N95 mask and a face shield. A medical or clothe mask will do just fine.
  • Mask are required in all transportation vehicles.
  • Some destinations are stricter than others. Puerto Rico requires you to wear a mask at all times, even while walking on a public street. When we were in Cancun, some resorts enforced mask in the common areas only, others didn’t.
  • Regardless if it’s required or not, if you would like to keep your mask on at all times. Do you boo.

In your carryon or purse, pack a few disinfectant wipes. Take a minute to wipe down your seat and the seat in front of you. 

Bring snacks or eat before you board. Some airlines have halted dining services due to Covid. Nothing is worse than flying 4 hours on an empty stomach. 

Most resorts in the Caribbean have done a great job updating their policies and procedures since Covid. If you would like to know what protocols they have put in place, check their website.

Many restaurants and hotels have done away with paper menus and guides. You will see QR codes everywhere. Make sure you keep a charged cell phone or carry a back up battery.

Travel Insurance –  Now more than ever, travel insurance is a must (In my opinion). Some countries are requiring travelers to purchase medical insurance, before they arrive or you won’t be allowed into the country. 

A few things to take into account. 

  • Does your policy cover Covid? 
  • Does your policy prepay in the event of an emergency or will you be reimbursed on the back end. 

When it comes to purchasing travel insurance. My go to is cancel for any reason or cancel at anytime. Depending on the supplier you will be reimbursed up to 70 – 80% for non covered reasons. Example of a non covered, you broke up with your significant other and you no longer are in the mood to travel. Covered reasons are fully refundable 

Travel insurance can be obtained through any travel company provider, travel agent, some credit card companies or online agency. It’s your responsibility to verify the coverage levels and the requirements to be eligible for coverage. In the times of Covid make sure whatever company you select, covers pandemics (covid). A lot on insurance companies have excluded pandemics from their policies coverage. TravelSafe protection policies include Covid coverage.

 Not comfortable staying at a resort? Book a private villa for you and your crew. You will have the pool and beach all to yourself.   

Book private experiences instead of group tours. Yes, this may cost a little more, but you are decreasing the amount of contact with strangers. In most cases, you will be the first one there. So, you can get in and out. You will miss the cattle call of tourist. Same thing goes for transfers, upgrade to private transfers.

The biggest thing I’ve learned traveling during COVID is to respect my comfort level. If someone is too close, tell them to back up. If the club is too packed, get up and leave. You gotta do what works for you. You can be social and safe, but sometimes it takes checking a fellow traveler. The name of the game is to have less human interaction as possible.

*At the time of print TravelSafe covers Covid.