About Us

We're a full-service luxury travel agency specializing in one-of-a-kind vacations, excursions, and personalized experiences for travelers from all walks of life. We have a next-level passion for the food, cultures, and people that thrive among us and marry our extensive knowledge and out-of-box thinking to transform your travel experience.

​If you're looking for a cookie-cutter family trip to Disney World, or a bachelorette weekend in Vegas, Travel Antics isn't for you. If you want to ride camels in the deserts of Dubai or soak up some sun on the beaches of Maui, then Travel Antics is the agency for you.

As a client-first agency, we pay attention to your preferences, needs, concerns, and pockets, resulting in a "just for you" experience you'll fall in love with. From packing checklists to regular check-ins throughout your trip, we're serious about making your trip fun, stress-free, and safe.

Traveling with us means you're guaranteed an incredible time, lifetime of memories, and a whole new perspective of the world. 

We believe travel should be limitless. Everybody (abled and disabled), budget, gender, and race deserves unparalleled access to the world. We're committed to spreading our love for travel and making it a priority and passion for anyone who wants to take the leap out of their comfort zone.  

 Fearless, passionate, and audacious, Paris Frazier started Travel Antics to create travel experiences that are as exclusive, diverse, and adventurous as the clients she serves.

A seasoned traveler herself, Paris has an impeccable knowledge of all things travel. From discovering hidden gems in different countries to prepping clients on the cultural nuances of their destination, Paris is there for every step of the planning process. With her, no stone is left unturned; her meticulous attention to detail will guarantee a worry-free, tip tier experience that continues to earn her high praises and repeat clients.

As important as every little detail is for creating the trip of a lifetime, it's Paris' undeniable passion for seeing the world that has driven her success thus far. Her wanderlust and curiosity of the people, places, and cultures that shape the world sparked her love for travel, and Travel Antics is her effort to spread that love to others, one trip at a time.

Whether it's a wedding in the Caribbean, a milestone birthday in Italy, or a bucket list trip to Thailand, Paris considers it an honor to oversee the creation and success of your dream trip no matter what budget you're working with.

​With a love of travel as infections and magnetic as her personality, Paris shows no signs of stopping any time soon.  



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 Sandals Certified Specialist